An Associate's Degree Can Lead to Administrative Assistant Positions

By: Greg Scott Neuman

An Associate's Degree Can Lead to Administrative Assistant Positions

In an economically troubled time, many companies have scaled back on full–time hiring. However, a new survey by CareerBuilder shows that about 36% plan on hiring contract or temporary workers in 2012, many of whom will eventually transfer to full–time positions within the company. Additionally, recruitment for these positions will occur right away, as 27% of hiring managers say they will employ temporary workers in Q1.

In the office–clerical industry, one of the most in–demand professionals for these temporary positions are administrative assistants, the survey indicates. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) also states that hiring in this field will show growth in the future, as the number of jobs for administrative assistants is expected to rise by 11% through 2018.

To land one of the many full–time and part–time administrative assistant roles, individuals should have knowledge of writing, communication and Word processing, according to the BLS. Additionally, many employers expect job applicants to have computer software skills in areas like spreadsheets and database management.

Enrolling in two–year associate’s degree programs can be an ideal way to develop these skills. Today, many community colleges offer business associate’s degrees in office administration, which can give professionals essential knowledge of records management, business communication, accounting and a wide variety of other topics.