Ensure Your Cover Letter is Read with These 3 Great Strategies

By: Jessica Holbrook Hernandez

Ensure Your Cover Letter is Read with These 3 Great Strategies

Sitting at your computer wondering if your cover letter will even be read by the hiring manager? Have some important information you need to communicate to the hiring manager, but the resume isn't the appropriate place? Use these three strategies to ensure your resume is read by the hiring manager EVERY time.

1. Copy and paste your cover letter text directly into the body of the e-mail. When applying via e-mail, copy and paste your cover letter directly into the body of the e-mail. A hiring manager will almost always read the e-mail (if it's short and sweet) but will not invest the time in opening up your cover letter if it is a separate attachment.

2. Keep it short and simple. Feeling gabby? Go to a party. But leave it out of your cover letter. Keep your cover letter short and to the point. The hiring manager will not invest hours into reading your whole life story even if it is in the e-mail.

3. Give them what they've asked for, and be concise. If they've asked you to address certain criteria in the job description or asked you provide certain information when applying, be sure you directly address every question and do it in a concise, polished, and attention-getting way. In one of THE BEST cover letters I've ever seen I could tell the candidate took the time to specifically and meticulously review our job requirements. It was applicable, relevant, and catchy. It was one of the only cover letters that actually made me want to read the corresponding resume. In addition, instead of using the same old boring line, spice it up a bit. One of the more daring cover letter closings I have read closed with, Call today, don't delay. I wanted to stand and applaud the applicants boldness and creativity. I picked up the phone and I called. Enough said.

Incorporate these strategies into your cover letter and you'll find that it will start getting more attention immediately.

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