Put Your Values to Work in the Nonprofit Sector

By: Greg Scott Neuman

Put Your Values to Work in the Nonprofit Sector

Many people have strong beliefs and a dedication to charitable causes, but may not know that it is possible for them to assist these groups in their professional lives. Nonprofit HR Solutions reports that about 10.7 million employees currently make up the nonprofit sector, with hiring in this industry expected to continue this year. Included in this sector are many charities, private schools, foundations, churches and scientific institutions.

In a recent survey, about 43% of nonprofits said they increased their staff in 2011, while an additional 43% said they planned to hire more employees this year. Nonprofit organizations in the health and human services industries were especially likely to say they plan to employ more individuals in 2012.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that jobs in nonprofits are extremely diverse and include almost every type of occupation. However, some job titles these professionals can hold include manager of volunteers, fundraiser, foundation program officer, residential counselor, social worker, community organizer and government relations manager.

The type of preparation individuals need for these roles varies greatly. For example, social workers usually need at least a bachelor’s degree, while counselors may be required to hold a master’s degree in counseling.