Resume Writing Tips for College Grads and Other Entry Level Job Seekers

By: AJE Recruiting Specialist

Resume Writing Tips for College Grads and Other Entry Level Job Seekers

A strong, well written resume is an invaluable tool for your job hunting success. And for entry-level job seekers, like college grads, it’s even more critical. Since you may not have any on-the-job experience, your resume is a key tool to showcase other areas of strength - from education, to internships and groups and association involvement. Follow these resume writing tips:

1. Choose the right resume style. If you are a recent college grad with limited work experience, have lapses in employment, or have a diverse background with no clear career path, a functional resume will likely be the most effective type of resume. Functional resumes focus on your skills and experience first and de-emphasize employment dates.

2. Format appropriately. A hard copy resume with bullets, indent and boldface is appropriate. However, an online resume, especially one that goes into a database usually gets its formatting stripped. So you need to create two versions of your resume - one print copy and the other an e-version that will be readable even when formatting is stripped.

3. Use keywords. Employers often use resume screening software when evaluating job candidates. This software will scan resumes for specific keywords related to a job’s requirements. Optimize your resume with keywords woven in without compromising flow and readability.

4. Use social networks. Displaying social media savvy to a prospective employer is a good way to stand out. Create a LinkedIn profile and include your address on your resume. If you are using other social media platforms, such as a personal web page, include this on your resume as well. Be careful here. Keep your social media presence professional and create email accounts and content that is for job search purposes only. When it comes to social media, definitely do not mix business with pleasure.

5. Create customized versions. Consider customizing your resume before providing a copy to an interested party. Check the job requirements and tweak your resume accordingly to mirror the job description. Do not embellish, but do include information that may be pertinent to the job. For instance, if you have volunteered for an organization affiliated with the company, point this out.

6. Consider a professional resume writing service. You have spent a considerable sum on your tuition and are possibly planning to spend a reasonable amount on new interview clothes and shoes. Given the importance of a resume to a job search, a professional resume writing service could be very helpful.

7. Proofread carefully. There should be absolutely no typos in your resume. Go through it carefully, and when you can, have someone else proofread for you. Perception is everything and your resume speaks volumes about you as a prospective employee.