Free Webinar On Professional Portfolio Building

By: AJE Recruiting Specialist

Free Webinar On Professional Portfolio Building

Recent screening tests from Automatic Data Processing - a human resources company - found that 54% of job applicants submitted false information on their resumes. In order to verify that this information is correct, many applicants submit professional portfolios of their previous work.

In an effort to help more individuals create these documents, Grantham University recently announced in a press release that it is offering a free webinar about professional portfolios. The event was designed to show the benefits of having a portfolio as well as what items should be included in them.

"The competition in today's employment market is intense, so applicants need to find a way to stand out and highlight their accomplishments; the professional portfolio does just that," said Shanna Fowler, career services coordinator at Grantham University.

The webinar could benefit professionals in a range of industries, including public relations, fashion design andphotographers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers of public relations specialists ask applicants to submit a portfolio of work samples that demonstrate involvement in a range of projects and a thorough understanding of communications planning.