Get Your Time's Worth With Part Time Jobs

By: AJE Recruiting Specialist

Get Your Time's Worth With Part Time Jobs

Time Is Money: It's an old adage that we all know and understand, but do we really apply it in our daily life? If you have a little extra time, there are several ways you can leverage it to bump up your savings. The most fun and rewarding of all ways is working part time.

Part time jobs offer an entirely different work experience, allowing you to break free from your usual routine. Whether you're a professional, a student, a retiree or just someone seeking to earn extra money, there are loads of part-time jobs to fit your interests and your schedule. With such jobs, you simply reduce your working hours without cutting your work out of your life!

Unlike a full time job, a part time job requires you to work for fewer hours per week without requiring you to maintain a lengthy working relationship.

Outlined below are some popular part time careers:

Instructional Assistant (IA):
An instructional assistant, sometimes known as a teacher assistant, is an individual who assists a professor or teacher in accomplishing daily goals for each class. These assistants can perform a variety of functions like working in the classroom and participating in secondary settings. Any graduate student; undergraduate student or high school student can take up the job of a TA and earn handsome money.

Production Supervisor:
A production supervisor has the accountability for assigned production staff to accomplish objectives laid down by the production manager; for example, scheduling and managing production, designing products and services, reallocating tasks, supervising operations, and interacting with customers. Production supervisors need to have general education degree (GED). A technical or any vocational diploma will be highly helpful.

Dental Assistant:
Dental Assistants assist dental operator by providing various types of patient care, office duties, and laboratory duties. They oversee the basic tasks like maintaining dental charts, preparing the patient for treatment, developing dental radiographs, consulting with patients, and alike. Most dental assistants work part time, sometimes working for multiple dental hygienists. To begin, you should have your formal education through academic programs at colleges or vocational schools or dental institutes. A certification from the Dental Assisting National Board will be an added advantage.

Customer Advisor:
As a customer advisor, you will build and maintain relations with customers, handle their queries and complaints to ensure their needs are met. What requires the most to apply for such jobs is enthusiasm and excellent interpersonal skill, with a zeal for customer service and sales. Education requirements for customer advisors vary according to the industry requirements.

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