Women in the Workforce: Strategies to Finding a Job

By: AJE Recruiting Specialist

Women in the Workforce: Strategies to Finding a Job

The female presence in the workforce, whether in accounting, the sciences, human resources, developing corporate communications, or assuming executive positions, is increasing in just about every industry. According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor, women comprise 46.8 percent of the total U.S. labor force and are projected to account for roughly the same amount (46.9 percent) by 2018.

At America’s Job Exchange, we remain committed to helping women attain employment and have developed hyper-focused, niche job communities just for you. Here are some strategies we recommend especially for women on the hunt for a job.

1. Put your Internet prowess to work. Recent statistics posit that 52% of women utilize the Web to some degree, and that number continues to climb. A survey by Netpop Research shows 78 percent of women use social media and are the most active users next to youngsters. All that surfing and browsing can boost your tech skills. Take advantage of your Internet abilities and apply them to scour social media and job sites for the most relevant opportunities.

2. Network in person. The natural charisma, articulation, and grace of women can be powerful tools of persuasion. Show off your confidence in your skills by creating conversations, leading groups, and attending multiple in-person networking events. All-women networking groups have cropped up in recent years and can be easily found through the web or sites like LinkedIn.

3. Don’t limit your continuing education. Education is a woman’s most powerful weapon in her job seeker arsenal. Whatever career path you choose, know that the term "too much education" is a myth in the job market. Consider obtaining the highest possible degree you can achieve, within your time and financial constraints. If family obligations have deterred you from pursuing a higher degree, consideronline degrees or distance learning as a viable, increasingly acceptable option.

4. Seek out a female mentor. Mentors are a great source of inspiration, encouragement, and of course, job leads. Women may especially find that other women in their line of work are eager to share their secrets to success or help a fellow female achieve their career goals. Check out alumni directories or professional networking sites to find the perfect contact. No need to keep just one mentor - having several will give you fresh perspective on the job market and keep you well-rounded and informed.

5. Take a career assessment (or two). If you’re unsure of what career path you’d like to take or perhaps you’re considering a career change, making a carefully thought-out decision is paramount. Utilize the web to uncover free career assessments that will help you dig deep into your ’psyche’ to enable you to visualize your ideal job. For job opportunities, visit America’s Job Exchange Women's Job Exchange and register today.