Best Jobs for Geeks

By: AJE Recruiting Specialist

Best Jobs for Geeks

Whether your vice is video games, Linux, or the signature hairstyle of Carrie Fisher as Princess Leah, there’s a job for any geek. A "geek" can be defined as one who has an interest in anything technological, whether cell phones, computers, or hybrid cars. If you’re looking to satiate an obsessive interest in the latest technology while still maintaining focus on your day job; why not combine the two? Here are some examples of perfect jobs for any geek.

The first and most logical solution to this dilemma would be a profession involving computers and technology. Perhaps you like working behind the scenes, actually building and coding applications and programs, making sure they’re up to par with the expectations and standards set by the company. A job as an applications architect would be perfect, with a salary just under $60,000/year.

On the other hand, you may find more pleasure in the marketing aspect of technology, paying attention to the industry to see what is popular and unpopular, what is selling or still sitting on the shelves. A career as a marketing manager for tech goods involves using your "geek" knowledge and applying it, making sure that your company stays on top of the competition. A position as a marketing manager can average upwards of about $85,000/year.

Are you the type that can’t purchase a digital camera or PC without first putting forth hours of research into the best investment you can possibly purchase? A technical writing career may be ideal for our more linguistic geeks, in which electronics must be researched, tested, and finally reviewed for the sake of still more geeks.

Perhaps some of our geeks are gamers. There are as many careers in gaming as there are in any other industry, ranging from testers and reviewers to those who program the games themselves. The industry has grown exponentially over the past few years, and with the surge of "gaming schools" that have recently come into existence, it’s easier than ever to get a solid education, and more importantly, solid experience in the field.

For the more artistic geeks, a career as a graphic designer may be ideal. Utilizing knowledge of computers and art, a graphic designer is assigned the duty of turning a verbal idea into a visual one, working across many different fields of media. A graphic designer must be both technical and creative, having a command over the software that is used to create their works, and having the insight and originality to bring a non-visual concept into a piece of art.

As we’ve seen, the stereotypical geek is not doomed to fruitless hours of research towards their favorite toys and gadgets. On the contrary, there is a plethora of lucrative careers that focus on the characteristically fanatical interest in technology, ranging from writing the code and testing out the same applications that we use every day, all the way to observing the flow of popularity that certain products in the marketplace have, and using this knowledge to determine the direction that your company will take to get the upper hand. For every geek, there is a job.

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