Redefining Your Career in the New Year

By: AJE Recruiting Specialist

Redefining Your Career in the New Year

If you are like many people, you may be gearing up to make a New Year’s resolution. This is a time of year when you, like countless others, are perhaps re–assessing some aspect of your life and setting goals for the year ahead. This may also be a time of reflection in terms of your career path.

If you are looking to redefine your career in 2012, there are certainly steps you can take to lead you in the right direction. From evaluating why you want to shift careers, to developing an action plan, these are some steps – that if you follow, will better prepare you to redefine your career goals and move towards a new work endeavor.

The first and most important step in the career assessment process is evaluating the reasons behind your choice in career change. Your reasons can vary, from seeking out a new work schedule, looking for more opportunities, to wanting to make a radical change altogether. Regardless of why you are looking to redefine your career, outlining the reasons behind your decision will lead you to the next step – defining your career objectives and goals.

Your career objective is the end result of where you want to be, job–wise. This can be a short–term strategy, or a longer–term goal. Your objective may involve seeking a new career in a field or industry that provides more in terms of financial income. You may be looking for growth opportunities that your current – or previous jobs – have not been able to provide. Or you may seek employment in a new city or state. Once your objectives and goals have been clearly defined, you can move to the third step – developing an action plan.

Your plan can be short–term or longer–term, and should drill down in detail to all the necessary steps you need to take to redefine your career. Be as specific as possible. If you are looking to change course and move into a new industry or job altogether, what are the steps you need to take to enter this new field? You may need to take additional courses. Or your plan may involve going back to school. You may also need to build your network, which can include participating in industry events, joining new organizations or scheduling exploratory interviews with others in your chosen field.

Perhaps you are looking to find a job in 2012 or change jobs entirely. What steps do you need to take to embark on this process? You can begin by outlining your strengths and the types of roles you would like to take on. Research job postings and descriptions of openings on corporate web sites and determine if your skills fit these roles. Your plan may include rudimentary steps such as re–writing your resume.

Regardless of which career choice you endeavor to make in 2012, the more time you take to itemize the process and outline all the necessary steps you need to take, the better prepared you will be to tackle a career change in the New Year.

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