Restaurant Industry Sees Huge Job Growth

By: Greg Scott Neuman

Restaurant Industry Sees Huge Job Growth

According to a press release by the National Restaurant Association, more than 200,000 jobs have been created in the restaurant industry in the past six months. With this massive surge in employment, restaurants have become the country’s second–largest private sector employer, providing jobs to almost 13 million people.

The industry is not expected to lose steam anytime soon. The survey shows that the majority of restaurant operators do not plan to reduce their staff, and about 24% intend to increase their workforce in the next six months.

Jobs in the restaurant industry go beyond the traditional host and server positions. Many individuals opt to advance their skills by becoming food service managers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), these professionals monitor the daily operations of restaurants to ensure customer satisfaction.

Food service managers learn a great deal of skills on the job, but the BLS reports that a growing number of positions require these employees to pursue postsecondary education. Frequently, this means an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in subjects like hospitality or food service management.