Does the Resume Fit? If So, Then Use It.

By: Jessica Holbrook Hernandez

Does the Resume Fit? If So, Then Use It.

Know the expression, 'If the shoe fits, wear it'? Well, a great rule of thumb for job search 2.0 is, 'If the resume fits the job description, use it'. If it doesn't, then tailor it to the specific position for which you are applying and to your strengths.

You need a competitive advantage just as much as the other guy use what you already have: your experiences, expertise, accomplishments, and contributions. These will not be the same as every other job seeker. Add to that your talent, passion, and vision for your career and the companies you've worked for and you have one great recipe for job search success.

The key to commanding the hiring manager's attention is in providing him or her with two critical pieces of information. First, you have to show them you're the right fit for the position because you meet all the job requirements. Second, you have to show them how you have exceeded similar (or the very same) expectations in the past. This will make you stand out in a crowd. Utilize keywords, a personal branding statement, past accomplishments, and contribution-based statements to provide the crucial information in a compelling way that prompts the hiring manager to call and schedule an interview. Be sure that the content you use is specific, concise, and polished. Generic, vague, blanket statements will only make you come across like every other job seeker out there. And in this job market, appearing as though you are just like everyone else is not going to be to your advantage.

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