Should You Slow Down Your Job Search in the Summer?

By: AJE Recruiting Specialist

Should You Slow Down Your Job Search in the Summer?

The air is warm, the grass is green and the sun is shining, but you may inevitably still find yourself among the ranks of the unemployed. What most job seekers do not realize, however, is that the summer months are actually a vital time to commit to your job search.

The short but sweet summer, if you are prepared and motivated, can be a lucrative season for job hunting. Less competition from others means greater visibility for you and greater emphasis on your skills, and that means more opportunity to display your worth to employers. Here are some crucial tips to follow if you are among the ranks of summer jobseekers.

Do not believe the masses: summer is a prime time to be looking for a new job, or considering a change in career. Take advantage of the lack of job seekers, and make yourself as visible as possible to potential employers. Most importantly, continue to remain diligent in your job search and emphasize your positive qualities, skills, and accomplishments. Even if you are doubtful about whether you'll find your ideal position in these fleeting summer months, staying on your path will eventually steer you toward your goals.

Do not lessen your initiative. Continue to do the research and focus on companies that are doing well. You can make a connection between what a company is trying to do and what you have done in the past. This will allow you to present yourself to hiring managers not just as another potential employee looking for a job, but as someone who can help solve real problems that the company is facing. If you can demonstrate that you are capable of solving problems that they're currently working on, backed up by past experiences, numbers, and results, your chances of being hired even during the doldrums of summer - will increase.

If you are looking for a new job, volunteering is a great way to display initiative and motivation, and there's no reason not to, especially if you are unemployed during the summer months. Choose a local hospital, non-profit, or museum to donate your time to. You will not only get a sense of satisfaction from helping others, but may also establish new relationships with other volunteers.

Networking is crucial here: activities like volunteering is key part to your job search. Other volunteers you meet may have a friend of a friend who is in need of someone with your skills, or have knowledge of job openings that you have not yet discovered. Perhaps a position at the organization at which you are volunteering may even become available. No matter the case, creativity in job hunting is a surprisingly effective, but often-undervalued strategy, and networking at any level is vital to one's job search strategy.

Perhaps you are not ready for a complete career change; summer is also a good season for a switch in position. First, as always, do your research. Find out what skills and experience you will need if you are looking to make a move. Show employers how serious you are by gaining more experience in your current job, or even learning new skills by returning to school for the summer. A hiring manager will be both impressed and delighted to see you taking action and pushing forward to expand your skills.

Lastly, maintain a daily plan, but also schedule in downtime. Create a summer job search strategy. Start by prioritizing each day so that you can optimize your search. It's also important that you schedule in down-time so that you continually feel energized, all of which will be helpful to your job search.

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