Launching a Social Media Marketing Career

By: Greg Scott Neuman

Launching a Social Media Marketing Career

Individuals who are interested in the marketing industry probably know that in recent years, social media has established a major presence in the field. According to a November 2011 survey by Wildfire, about 97% of marketing professionals believe social media marketing positively impacts their business. Additionally, 75% of marketers said they planned to increase their media spending throughout 2011.

As most marketing professionals believe social media marketing will continue to expand, individuals might be wondering how they can land a position in this fast-growing sector. John McCarthy, senior director of digital strategy of WebMetro, recently told that to him, experience and solid web analytics skills are important. However, other professionals feel applicants should have other credentials as well.

According to Mikolaj Jan Piskorski, associate professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, job seekers should earn a degree in marketing or a related topic. In doing so, he feels they will learn the theories and facts behind social media marketing, which will only enhance their understanding of the job.

For individuals who already have degrees in other subjects, a certificate can also help bolster marketing skills. Media Bistro reports that various schools across the country offer certificate programs in social media and Internet marketing.