Tips and Tricks for a Successful Job Search

By: AJE Recruiting Specialist

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Job Search

If you find that your job search has stalled or you aren’t getting any responses from prospective employers, the recruiting specialists at America’s Job Exchange offer some tips to consider that can kick-start your search again and provide some fresh perspective.

1. Develop a new daily strategy, and stick to it. Maybe you haven’t devoted enough time to searching for jobs, or you’re not setting aside enough hours in the day to complete each application. Reevaluate your current plan to uncover any weaknesses or possible points of improvement, and then readjust accordingly. If you’ve been looking for jobs for months and have yet to get a response, it’s time to switch gears.

2. Revise your goals. Did you give yourself an unrealistic deadline for securing a job? The pressure could be hindering your efforts. Although the economy is growing, it’s not at the rapid pace most economists would prefer. Resetting your goals and tacking on extra months or weeks to your job search timeline may be necessary to account for a slower than expected recovery from the recession. It may also be necessary to adjust your salary expectations as well.

3. Evaluate your job search resources Have you tried applying on more niche boards like America’s Job Exchange? Are you signed up for job scouts to ensure you’re getting the most updated list of opportunities? Are you experimenting with social media? There are several ways you can take your job search in a new direction if you suspect your current resources aren’t providing optimal results. Post your resume and search and apply to jobs today.

4. Carve out a niche for yourself in your industry If you love what you do, this will come naturally. Spend a good chunk of time researching and examining new trends in your line of work. Choose something that peaks your interest and become an "expert" in this title. You can then create your own personal brand based on this and begin tweeting, blogging, and informing others. Before you know it, you’ll become sought after by people eager to learn what you know, and employers will follow suit.

5. Create a list of ideal companies If you’ve applied for any company that pops up in search results, you may be doing yourself a disservice. Do some research and pick a handful of employers you’d love to work for. Start connecting with hiring managers on LinkedIn or other social media sites. Regularly apply for jobs or internships at the company to ensure you remain on their radar. If you’re not in the same city as your ideal employer, let them know that you’re able to move if necessary.

6. Blog about your experience Blogging is a great way to gain a fresh perspective on your job search journey and to solicit advice or encouragement from others. Sites like WordPress offer free blog platforms. Within a couple hours after you’ve chosen a template and published your site, you can begin blogging about your experience as a job seeker. Invite comments for advice or leads, or you can simply use blogging as an outlet to communicate your frustrations or progress.

7. Enlist a mentor. Whether it’s a college professor, a former boss, or an online connection, having a mentor in your line of work is key to getting an inside glimpse of your potential career. Keep in touch with your mentor regularly. They get be excellent sources of advice, inspiration, and job leads.