What One Element Will Catapult Your Resume To Success?

By: Jessica Holbrook Hernandez

What One Element Will Catapult Your Resume To Success?

Wishing there were a secret to landing your resume at the top of pile? Or how about when the hiring manager scans your resume and he or she immediately places you in the "call for interview" stack -wouldn't we all like to be there? Here is one strategy you can implement in your resume today to start receiving more results tomorrow.


When a hiring manager reviews a resume he immediately wants to know what you bring to the table. Do you have the results to back up your experience? Are you the right candidate for the position?

The most successful and effective way to communicate this to a potential employer is through accomplishment- and contribution-based resumes. Duties and responsibilities are fine, but accomplishments and contributions are much more effective.

This may go against every part of your being, but really brag about yourself! This is one instance where it's OK to tout your biggest and best achievements! So maybe you're not in sales, and you don't have any hard numbers to cite. Don't be discouraged; it's not a major crisis. When you sit down to write your resume, just go past your responsibilities for the time being and think about what a hiring manager interviewing you might ask.

When trying to think about accomplishments to place on your resume, start with these four questions

  1. Name three things you are most proud of in your career.
  2. What do you feel are your biggest strengths? Name three.
  3. What makes you unique?
  4. Why should this employer hire you over another qualified candidate?

Review your answers and then find a way to incorporate that information into the first one-third of your resume-and then accordingly throughout the professional/executive experience section. Adding accomplishment and contribution-based statements to your resume will bring an immediate 'shine' that a list of duties and responsibilities cannot. You excel at what you do, and you outshine your competition; your resume should reflect that.

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